So it begins. Tomorrow morning at 9.15 , I will be Starting the swim at Stradbroke Pool. I’m a little nervous but mostly excited to see if I can actually do this . The challenge I have set myself is to try and complete 50 miles Butterfly over the course of the year. I will include it in my regular swims .This works out at a mile a week . I usually swim  2 or 3 times a week .

Butterfly is a challenging stroke but when you get it right, it is a fantastic feeling . I’ve been working on my upper body strength in the gym to help my shoulders cope !

I have chosen two charities so far for the challenge but plan to add more as the year progresses.

They are the British heart foundation and The Anthony Nolan bone marrow  foundation.

Here is a link to the heart foundation just giving page

Anthony Nolan donations can be made at Stradbroke pool . I can take donations and will donate them to your chosen charity .