The first week has gone surprisingly well. I feel fine and am still enthusiastic.The two swims this week were relatively easy.I have also begun to use the teccy part of my new watch to record my times. I wonder if this will improve ?

I was really grateful for the support I had from all my friends both at Stradbroke swim and fitness centre and those who live further away. The wonders of the internet.

Highlights included:

Support in the form of comments from a fellow Swimmer on Facebook who had also been a Fly swimmer, bitd .Much quicker than I ever was but understood the love of the stroke .

Another regular swimmer at the pool,who decided to try and swim 10 lengths while I swam. She was really pleased with her efforts and realised that practice is one way to build stamina.

Offers of sponsorship which mean I am well on my way to my first £100 of my £500 target. I have another post on why I chose the British heart foundation .

Bring on week 2 . Thanks for reading this update