I have reached the 5 mile mark. Hooray . I am one 10th of the way there.I have really enjoyed being able to swim more butterfly than normal, and feel the stroke is becoming more as I remember it. The overwhelming feeling of positivity,I have at the moment comes from all the support I have had from anybody I’ve mentioned my challenge to.

It is amazing the positive power of the spoken word, and a simple well done means so much.I also treasure the many medals and badges I have from my career.They remind me how much hard work went into winning them. 

I always take the words of my chief coach, John Moore ,with me as I swim.
 His words were ‘let’s keep working at it.’

He spent many a long hour on poolside encouraging me and improving my stroke.He also encouraged me to become a swimming instructor which has given me a fantastic career over the last 30+ years.
So John, I am still working at it for you !