I have a few favourite training sets and some not so good! My favourite set is based on 100 m sets , swum at 90% effort and rest for 15 seconds . In my younger days, I could manage 10 x100 but these days 5 x100 is my limit.

I enjoy longer distance swims done at very slow pace. 400m  at a time with 30 seconds rest, repeated once or twice. I have found this very helpful in building my stamina for the 1000 metre swim I plan for March .

This session is one of those which hurts like mad but I really feel rewarded after it’s done. 1 l fly rest 10 seconds ,2 l fly rest 20 seconds ,3l fly rest 30 seconds , 5l fly rest seconds 40 as a return  pyramid .

The toughest set I have done recently is 4 sets of 200 m on 5 mins .The aim is to complete the 200 m on the same time at 95% effort  .  I managed 3.58, 3.59, 4.00, 3.58 .The recovery times became harder to hit but that’s the point ,isn’t it? 😀

Thanks for reading