Yesss! 9 miles completed. More importantly this week , I have learned more about how important charity donations are.

Sadly I know too many people who are touched by serious illness.. some are having to deal with end of life situations.

Charity support has become part of the system of care we pride ourselves on in this country. It is a fact of life that the support isn’t always available when it is needed and this falls to the untrained and unpaid carers.

This post is dedicated to all those currently in the situation. You know who you are .

The feeling of frustration and inability to help has lead me to swim with more effort and energy. I hope that the small amount of money I raise may help to provide more support when it is needed.

To all the medical staff and carers , keep up the amazing job that you all do . You are all helping to give the patients relief . To those quietly  supporting loved ones at home to give them the dignity and peace they need . You have my utmost respect .

thanks for reading my blog .