I have added another charity to my list.It is Mind ,The mental Health charity .I always intended to support the chosen charities for Stradbroke Pool during the year .

I am  saddened and  also very  proud that in choosing this charity I am remembering Rachel Edwards ,who recently died. She was someone I knew swimming at the pool regularly with her friends and family. I remember her as a child and later when She worked at the pool as a lifeguard .She became an inspiration to me to write this blog. Her words to me were ‘its easy ,Nic. Just do it ,you can do it on your phone and its free!’ she grinned her cheeky grin and wheeled in to the gym for her latest workout.

She wrote an amazing blog here https://rachelholly90.wordpress.com

This blog will be her memorial and tells her story .I hope that she will always live on in our hearts.She touched so many people in different ways. Dance and swim freely now,Rachel. I will never forget you. The saying ‘only the good die young’, is definitely meant for you . x