Many members of my family have served in the armed forces . My great Uncle Alf, lost his life in a torpedo attack during WW2.

My Grandma started to collect for the Poppy Appeal when it first began mainly because Alf was her younger brother .She lost many other friends and also saw how the fighting affected those who came home.She made sure that my brother and I understood the meaning of what each person sacrificed and ensured that I never forget ALL those who make the ultimate sacrfice.  Sadly I have lost contempories in later conflicts.  My Mum also collected for the Poppy Appeal for many years, encouraging me to go along with her. She was a local organiser for many years when she retired to Norfolk.I have also collected for  a few years ,in my local village . I am proud to say I am the 3rd generation to support the charity ,in a small way.