I have been making steady progress with the swim reaching my current total of 31 1/4 miles .
I have decided to change the charities I am fundraising for , in memory of Haley Adams and Rachel Edwards who both sadly passed away this year.
They both had connections with the Swimming pool at Stradbroke ,where I have been doing most of my swims .
I have already mentioned Rachel’s story in my previous blog .This post is in memory of Haley .

I was honoured to have know my friend ,Hayley Adams who died from Aplastic Anaemia this year.I coached her as part of the swimming club when she was younger. She was a fellow workmate always full of fun and enthusiasm.
Hayley was so supportive when I started this challenge,very often telling me how amazing my stroke looked to her.  She was always encouraging me while she lifeguarded . I hope that I was able to help her learn the stroke and pass the knowledge to her pupils.I remember her asking if I would swim a few lengths to help her to demonstrate Butterfly to her class. She described the stroke to them so well as she had such a great way of teaching.
I have already raised £1,245 as part of this challenge for 4 other charities. I have decided to dedicate the rest of my swim to Hayley.

I hope that this will raise awareness of this condition and begin to fund more research .
I will post the link to the just giving page below or. I have a donation box for cash you might wish to give me in person.My online donation links