I am so pleased to say that I won the Swim England Adult achievement award on Saturday Nov 10 th. I was interviewed by retired Olympic diver Leon Taylor and met commonwealth medal winner Aimee Wilmott . Here are some links to the interviews and a few photos


This is the report by Swim England

Adult Achievement of the Year

Nikki Hambling set herself a goal to swim 50 miles of butterfly to mark her 50th birthday – and her charitable challenge helped her to win the Swim England Adult Achievement of the Year Award.

She raised an impressive £1,246.76 for a number of charities, completing the majority of her swims at Stradbroke Swim and Fitness Centre where she was an original member of staff and swimming instructor.

Nikki, who still teaches Pilates at the centre and is ‘well-known and loved by both colleagues and customers alike’ said: “I have always swum butterfly and I needed an extra challenge rather than just swimming lengths.

“I based it on a coach who turned 50 and swam 50 lengths. I thought I would go one step better and swam 50 miles. I tried to do a mile a week so did it over the course of the year, with a couple of weeks off.

“I’m not fed up of the butterfly yet! I’m really pleased – I thoroughly enjoyed doing the challenge and just to be nominated was a real surprise so thank you.”